lovoo app verbindungsfehler blackberry download Trent Turvey Designs is founded on the idea of up-cycling retired materials to create, not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional art. My products and designs will adapt as new materials are found. For these knives, I currently have access to a large supply of old mill band saw blades from the 1960’s that are sourced from an abandoned saw mill outside of Battleground, Washington. This steel, once recovered, makes for an exceptional blade with superior edge holding capabilities. Extra care has been taken to prevent overheating of the metal during shaping of the knife in order to maintain the original temper, preserving the durability of this extraordinary tool steel. Over time it will lose some of its reflective qualities, but it will gain a patina representing a visual history of its owner’s use.  The wood in these products is being sourced from a variety of locations including remnant pieces of high end butcher block counter tops. I am always on the search for new reclaimed treasures to inspire my work.




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