Each board and knife is designed for a lifetime of use and more. It is my hope that these items will stand the test of time and even be passed down to future generations as family heirlooms. With proper care and maintenance these boards and knives should provide you with trouble free use. All of the wood in these products have been treated with food safe oil prior to being shipped to you the customer. A thin coating of a food safe mineral oil or butcher block treatment should be re applied to cutting boards and wooden handles at least twice a month.  This oil serves as a protective barier to water damage and staining. Should a stain occur a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper or higher, depending on how smooth you want your wood to be, should remove any stain. Follow sanding immediately with a coating of oil.

The steel in these knives is a high carbon tool steel. This is not a stainless steel and is susceptible to rust. Though you want the knife to form a natural protective patina you do not want to allow rust to grow on the knife blade. Rust will be a reddish/orange hue where as the patina will be shades of gray and possibly a rainbow looking shimmer. This patina once fully formed serves as a protection for the steel. Avoid using your knives on highly acidic foods until this patina forms. Your knives, depending on use, will hold a superior edge for a much longer period of time than most standard kitchen knives. But eventually all knives will need to be sharpened. I suggest when this time comes have your knives sharpened by a professional. In between sharpenings you should wash your blade with soap and water immediately after each use and dry fully, leaving no moisture on the knife. Oil the handles as directed above and never leave your knives or any Trent Turvey Designs products to soak in water, and never place in a dishwasher.